Mice and rats are cute creatures. They may be playful and intelligent, but don’t let that deceive you. Mice and rats are pests and disease couriers, they are common to live alongside humans, and they’re our unwanted lodgers. We are the source of their food, and also shelter. They are destructive creatures that feast on our food or even destroying our clothes. Some mice also chew on wires that cause electrical severe system problems. When it comes to controlling them, we have a few options to choose. Whether we get a pet cat, hoping to take care of them or setting up traps. And also through poisoning them as well.


Rat traps tend to capture or kill a single rodent. As for rat poison, you can eliminate numbers. Rat poison is probably the most effective type of controlling mice and rats. It is used by most people nowadays. It is effortless and practical to use, and it comes in the form of food or liquid. One advantage also is the cost. Poisons are affordable and cost less than other mouse control products in the market. And last is the effectiveness, and rat poisons tend to kill mice and rats upon eating and ingesting. Usually, it only takes a few minutes or days for them to die.


As for advantages, we also have disadvantages when using rat poisons. As the word poison applies, it is harmful to both humans and other animals. This method is not the most vital tool if you have kids or pets around your home. Since you are spreading this to your home, it may be possible that kids and pets may contact it. Improper usage of poisons also leads to accidents and health problems as well.


Rat poisons have advantages and disadvantages, and that is given. Whenever you need the best rat poisons, you can visit markets near you, and they can give you the best product they might have.