Nowadays, almost all of the popular and most played games in the online gaming world have communities of different players across the globe. This has changed a lot the mode of the gaming experiences of players. It is indeed an exciting and enjoying thing to play and fight with a lot of players just like you. But sometimes, there are cases wherein the community of a particular game is becoming toxic. One of the games with such negative feel is the Rainbow Six Siege Community. But how and why? Here are some of the main reasons why Rainbow Six Siege Community is so toxic:

Toxic Behavior

Of course, and probably one of the main reasons why the community of RB6 is so toxic is because of the toxic behavior of the players as well. Some of these toxic behaviors include:

  • Shooting a teammate with an intention to do so for the purpose of placing him as a disadvantage for the entire round.
  • Making fun, bullying and insulting a weak player.
  • Demanding a player to write something that the behavioral chart doesn’t allow through threatening killing him by team or other ways.
  • Team killing.
  • Voting to kick a player who is new in the game for various reasons such as; slow internet connection, the player took an operator that somebody else wanted, he failed to win the round and so on and so forth.
  • Players use rb6 hacks
  • And lastly, voting to kick someone for no fair and just reason.

These are just some of the reasons why Rainbow Six Siege is very long and hard for a player to get accustomed to. The toxic elements do not come from the game itself, but rather from the players and their toxic behavior.