Either be it a home or office, a positive infrastructure outlook always keeps people driving. The home decor has one of its finest inventions, wallpaper mural, usually made from strong material. Installing wallpaper mural at home gives a positive and attractive look even in a small area.

Singapore Collections

No matter at what space the person is living, one has to maintain an organized way of living. Home decoration cannot only be applied at places with large square feet areas, even with small areas. These wallpaper murals look majestic. Many countries have a craving use of this technology. Yet, wallpaper singapore has its finest and classic collections of wallpapers, that also enables the customers to give a custom design for their wallpaper murals!

Wall Paper Mural Installation

There are two things to consider before starting the process. It is nothing but the selection of wallpaper design and cleanliness of the wall. Make the wall free from dirt and impurities. If there are nail holes, one has to unlock it in order to have an even distribution of wallpaper.

  • One has to draw a level line for reference on the top left side of the wall (for easy reference). Wallpaper sticking should start from left to right.
  • Once the first panel of wallpaper is installed without any hassle, then it is easy for the other panels too.
  • Installation is just peeling and sticking the wallpaper to the correct position.
  • If one has extra wallpaper, it can be left on the top of the ceiling to give a presentable look.


It is removable that it can be used in the rental places without troubling the original look of the wall. It is highly user-friendly that one does not require a professional to install at the wall. This work can be done by anyone.

Any place can definitely have a presentable look with the help of these wallpaper murals.