We all want to save money, especially on our grocery bill. You should consider using instant printable Lowes coupons to get the best printable coupons from the internet. You can use them to get discount at several stores as well. This is a great way to save some money on your grocery bill.I myself joined many of the internet sites out there to get great coupons. I’ve signed up for the grocery store weekly ad alerts. I’ve read numerous books and articles. I’ve listened to talk radio advice from people who claim they spend 40 dollars a week and feed their family of 12. Though it makes me wonder – Is it all just chicken thighs and wide egg noodles?

The goal of the manufacturers is to get you to buy their product. If offering a coupon gets you to buy that item, then they have done their job. The coupons they offer are on stuff I don’t normally use or buy. Most of the coupons have restrictions such as you have to buy two. What if I only need one?

I buy groceries that are close to what I’d like to call “food” as much as possible. What I mean is I buy eggs, chicken, butter, milk, fresh but mostly frozen vegetables, without the sauce. I don’t buy so much what the experts call “processed food”. Don’t get me wrong I love cereal, crackers and chips. I am neither a vegan nor a naturalist.

But I am not going to buy chicken thighs because they are cheaper so I can stretch my food dollar. I don’t care for dark meat. I realize I won’t save as much as the thigh eater.

What’s more, do you know how long it takes to sign up for all those web sites? And don’t get me started with my printer being incapable of printing out their coupons. How much more do I need to download onto my computer in order to print out that coupon for detergent or yogurt? It can invariably take all day or more just to sign up. And then what savings are we talking about? If I have to spend twenty dollars on two bottles of detergent in order to save 40 cents, and then I have to configure my printer to their printer just to print it out…ugh! No thank you.

Okay, the articles and books do offer some good advice such as; shop the perimeter of the store or look at the weekly sale ads for the loss leaders. I do love a good loss leader and I will go into that store just for that one item. But to spend hours a day searching online for a few coupons to save 40 cents… I ain’t gonna do it

Saving money on my grocery bill is a job itself and it’s all relative, relative to the woman in line ahead of me flaunting her manufacturer’s coupons. I do the best I can. The best advice I can offer is: Never, never shop for groceries when you are hungry!