Having a pet at your home is a great joy and fun. But taking care of it is crucial as well. You need to make sure your puppy gets the right food, training, and medicines that will keep it healthy. One of the most important challenges that you will face is potty training. Some puppies learn it real quick, while others take time to understand. Here are some simple yet effective steps that will help you train your puppy the right way to do potty at home.

Effective steps to follow for potty training

Here are the steps you need to keep in mind while training your dog to do potty at home –

  • First, understand your puppy’s behavior. The different breed has separate traits that you need to keep an eye on. Small dogs have a small bladder and that is why they need to urinate more often. Hence, lookout for signs of communication like circling, scratching, and sniffing, your puppy is showing when it wants to do potty.
  • Thinking of the right potty zone is important. Choose an area, like a bathroom, where the puppy can do potty and always take them to the spot for a few days. Then it will be able to smell its own urine and consider the area as it’s bthe athroom.
  • Interrupt your dog immediately when it is urinating at the wrong place. Make a loud noise and prevent them from doing the potty. Then take it to the potty zone at the same moment. Keep in mind that you need to startle the dog and not scare it.

So here are a few simple steps that will train your dog to do potty at the right place.

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