If you are tired of wasting your money on online gambling websites such as bandarq, then you came to the right place. This article will list the best video games that you can play right now in order to kill that boredom without having to resort to gambling.

1. Apex Legends
The gameplay in Apex Legends is very good, so good that it can rival the leading shooters in the market right now such as Overwatch, Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and other battle royales. Apex Legends combines great gameplay with an innovative ping system, unique character powers, and great map design into one package. Although it is just newly released, it is starting to gain a massive fanbase and has quickly cemented itself as a competitor in the battle royal market. And to top it all, Apex Legends is free to play, and there are no micro transactions that give unfair advantages to players with deep pockets.
2. Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter continues to be on the list of biggest video gaming series that is pretty much unknown to a lot of people. That is changed with the release of Monster Hunter: World. This game has brought the series back into the limelight, releasing for the first time ever for PC.
In Monster Hunter: World, you play as a monster hunter who starts by hunting small monsters. As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to hunt bigger monsters for better rewards. The game has a simple loop that will get you hooked, making you want to play this rewarding video game even more. Monster Hunter World is also set to receive a lot of free updates, as well as a new expansion pack.