You must have seen or experienced situations where it was going so smooth and beautiful with your partner and suddenly, out of nowhere comes the day when they say it is not working anymore and wants to take a break! I know that very painful to bear, and you keep wondering where you went wrong or what you could have done that made them leave you! Find out what common mistakes people do without realizing and some cool tips to keep your love life exciting!

  • You need to communicate regularly.
  • They say that you can sort out any issue or mess by talking about it instead of putting Whatsapp status about how sad you are.
  • .You need to think a little before speaking sensitive things or jokes as they might end up hurting them or their self-esteem.
  • Let there be some mystery in both of you, so they don’t find you boring.
  • I’m not asking you to build walls around you and keeping things secret, but you need not be an open book and blurt out everything about you at once.
  • Let something things unwrap themselves when the time comes.
  • Most importantly, don’t let your whole world revolve around them.
  • You need to have some time for yourself and give them the same too!
  • Make your existence and your worth be verified by you, yourself!

Lastly, don’t date a person that ends up in you chasing them! It is a psychological fact that people like to be pampered and be chased and when you offer them these things, they will create such circumstances to make you chase them more, thus, less you run after them for no apparent reason, more you keep them around. All I’m saying is there need to be equal efforts, and you both need to be on the same page to keep the relationship healthy.