When you think of a home gaming console, the first tool that comes to mind is the Nintendo Gaming Switch. With its release in 2016, it took over the world of gaming at home and brought up a challenge for other gaming equipment companies. The Nintendo Switch literally changed the idea of gaming at home.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

This 2-in-1 masterpiece, when attached to a TV can give a console like experience but that is not even the best part. This gaming piece can even be hooked to a mobile phone! So far, the switch has been very successful in the market. It has a large selection of games and many online options too. Of course it has its drawbacks. The storage space on this station is probably not enough to keep up with the games. Nintendo Switch Online does not have good reviews either. But either ways, here are some tips and tricks for the Worlds factory for gaming equipment- Nintentendo’s Switch:

Tips and Tricks

  1. Turn on the dark mode. Just like literally any media platform out there, this device has a dark mode too. It the best to use in the night and is better for your eyes too.
  2. Save the battery life of your device by switching on the Airplane mode on it. This disables the wifi option. Another way to save battery is taking the Switch off the dock
  3. Make a Mii. Just like the Nintendo Wii, the Switch has the option for you to make your own Mii. You can personalize this virtual character to look exactly like you or you can also make it completely different. This Mii will keep a record of your progress in the games.
  4. Screen capture is much easier on the Switch. Just one tap on the left Joy-con will take a screenshot for you.
  5. Pair your Joy-cons with other devices through Bluetooth. You can even link it through the Steam account.