Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platform with having an active user range of 1-2 billion. Indubitably having a large amount of followers on Instagram means more likes, more comments, more validation, more views and eventually a larger brand base. However before thinking of these dreams it is important to work to make them come true. There are various agencies like momentology which help gain likes, followers and views but there are certain tricks which a user can regard to on his own in order to buildup the following game.

Tips to increase the followers list

There are certain tips and tricks which if correctly planned and executed can increase the number of followers. Since the processes is completely organic it might take some time but over the time consistent use of these tips shall definitely lead to increase in the follower traffic. These tips include:

  • Liking the relatable pictures: it is said that liking the photos of a relatable niche and leaving genuine comments with also giving a follow helps in improving the account reliability and image in the eyes of other people. This makes the discovering easy and a possibly high chance of follow backs and likes.
  • Creation of themes: creating a theme for the account and posting majorly on the pretext of this theme will help in most of the like- minded people towards attracting to the account. If one chooses to theme their account as artistic more of a colorful and vibrant crowd will be attracted towards the account. If one wants to feature about wildlife more of the similar taste people will be allured. This themeing of the account will therefore helping in building the follower list.

  • Consistent socializing: these sites are referred to as social media sites for a reason. Without socializing with the existent followers and without engaging with the new ones it is virtually impossible to create a big brand base. Therefore it is important to reply to comments more often and engage with the followers more often and hence increase the list.