When you are traveling, it is essential that you rent a car just to make sure you get a comfortable ride. There are a lot of positives on how using a rental car is better than commuting. Although you can save a lot of money when it comes to commuting, the problem is that you do not have the freedom to go where you want to go. This is why it is better to use a rental car than to commute, but using a rental car is more expensive than using public transport. There are ways you can cut down costs on using a rental car. In this article, we will give you tips on how to cut down the cost of using rental cars.

Make sure you know the difference between weekend and weekly rates

It is important that you need to have a plan made out before you start renting a car. This is why you need to keep it in mind to what day you are going to rent a car. There is a big difference in renting on weekends and weekdays and it can save you a few bucks when you consider when are you going to rent it and when are you going to return the car.

Get Unlimited Miles

A lot of rental car companies such as Mississauga car rentals offer unlimited mileage when it comes to renting cars. It is much cheaper to rent cars with the unlimited miles offer because it can help you avoid unnecessary extra charges when you just want to detour a little bit on your plan.

Do not get GPS plan offers

Many car rental companies offer cars that are equipped with GPS and this will just make you spend more than the usual. There is a lot of alternative and free GPS application you can use instead of spending extra bucks on something that you can just use for free.