An electric shaver gives a smooth, clean-shaven look without wasting much time. As there are many types of electric shavers available in the market, one needs to choose a shaver depending on the skin type. Electric shavers have the main agenda to give a close shave without giving cuts and bruises.

As per Bart Schneider, two things one should not miss on while selecting an electric shaver for sensitive skin that is cutting speed and ability to shave wet. If shaving speed is more, there is less risk of cuts as a few passes, and it’s all clean. The ability to shave wet is important as sensitive skin requires shaving gels to use.


Best electric shavers for sensitive skin:

  • Braun Electric Shaver: The series 9295c is one of the most powerful shavers having excellent durability and easy to clean maintenance requirements. Though a little costly, it is the best electric shaver for sensitive skin as it has computerized sensors that snag 160 times per second, which is a high cutting speed.
  • Philips Electric shaver: The 9000 series has been included with a cleaning case, travel case, and an edging trimmer that can be swapped with rotary or foils to get the perfect shape. Thus this a fantastic shaver that is extremely gentle as well as slows down speed for sensitive areas.
  • Panasonic Electric Shaver: The series ES –LF51 A has unique features that give 13000 cuts per minute, which offers a fast and clean shave. It is also a hundred percent waterproof, which makes it useable for wet shave too. It is easy to maintain so that it can be utilized for traveling also.

Thus, just using the right electric shaver doesn’t work for sensitive skin, one needs to take care of angles too.