According to a recent research, seventy percent of customers at restaurant only order menu items they’ve already tried before. However, it’s always exciting to come up with something new in the menu.  New menu can help refresh your restaurant as well as it entices new customers and gives something new to try to the regular ones.

But how do you spread the word?

This article discusses the techniques which are used to support custom promotional items.  These techniques are best suited to promote new menu items so that they get the attention they deserve.

Check out these fun ideas

Tease new menu items before they are launched

Even before you’ve released the menu items, you must begin with its marketing. Teasing new items create hype and formulate a sense of excitement and anticipation in customers.

Promote new menu items in store

Probably the best audience for the new items would be the existing audience.  The ones who are already familiar with your food joint would be more likely to try out something new. Use digital signage, kiosks, picture and banners to promote the new menu items.

Alert the e-mail list

If you have an active email list that includes the customers who enjoy your food items, you can use this medium as a promoting mode. Prior to the launch, during and after, send in notifications and alert emails to your perspective customers and subscribers

Offer coupons and combos

This encourages customers to try out the new menu items. Time-bound offers will prompt customers to take immediate action by visiting your restaurant before the offer expires.

Social media blitz

Using various social media apps is the best way to get the word out, to educate the people about your latest menu items. Update your website, share appealing pictures, go frenzy.