Pocket Monsters known more commonly by it’s short word form Pokemon is a video game series created by SatashiTajiri. The main series involves the player turning 10 and then going out on an adventure to catch the strange creatures called Pokemon and become the Pokemon Master.

To catch Pokemon you usually have to weaken them in battle and throw an object called a PokeBall. To battle them you have to use one of your own Pokemon. You actually get one from a Pokemon Professor at the beginning of each game.

Pokemon come in many different types, some of which are strong when attacking others and some are weak.You can visit random animals to know about the pokemon that you can find in the game. It is really easy and fun tool that you use to share and learn about pokemons.

There are literally hundreds to collect but your only allowed to carry six with you at any given time. The rest are kept in your Someones PC. Someone has been revealed as different people throughout the years each time improving on the previous model to hold and organize your Pokemon.

Since your only allowed to carry six Pokemon at any given time you should create a balance to help you in battles. You can do this by having Pokemon of different types so your Pokemon can cover each others weaknesses. Or you can challenge your self by using only a certain type. The choice is up to you.

While on the journey you will meet other rainer who you’ll battle, the most notable are the Gym Leaders. By beating these trainers your able to progress deeper into the game and once you beat all eight Gym Leaders you’ll be allowed to challenge the Elite Four who are said to be the best trainers in the region. If you manage to beat the Elite Four you can then battle the Champion for the title of Pokemon Champion.

Now I believe this is a little different from the title of Pokemon Master. In my book to be a Pokemon Master you have to catch each and every Pokemon.

Other things you can do in the game is connect to other people and have Pokemon battles with them or even trade Pokemon. This has become easier with the Nintendo Wifi Connection so you can now do such things over the internet.

The Pokemon series is a very interesting series and you should check it out. The latest versions are called Black and White.