Communication at the touch of a button is essential these days. With too many schedules to attend to, it is necessary to have an app that works. Mobile phones are now capable of doing many things at the same time. Even tablets like the iPad Pro has a RAM and capabilities of a regular laptop. So with these things onboard, why is it useful to have a What’s Up profile? What is it about this app that people are crazy about?

It turns out this app has millions of users. It is also easy to install. We are going to show you the steps to get one. Then you will be one of the millions who benefit from the accessibility of this app and allowing you to communicate with friends and family members. What’s Up is now also used for work. That way, employees can get in touch with their managers without the hassles that usually pester other apps.

Signed Up

Ensure that you already installed the app on your Android phone. First, you open WhatsApp. Also, when accessing the app from your phone, it is essential to do some research first on how you could do the steps in signing up. There are many instructional guides you can find online on how to set up your What’s Up App. Thus, checking some of the guides like the one, I found here: can be a great help. So then, you are officially signed to What’s Up.


What’s Up will access and pull up your existing address book’s contacts. If your friends already have the app, then you can access them automatically. It is simple as it is, you can instantly send them invites and start your connections with them. If you may find it difficult on how to send an invite especially for first-timers, the link above includes as well some helpful tips in sending an invite.


What’s up is customizable. Whether you are displaying attitude status or you want a serious chat, you can use it anytime.