Change is the part that makes the flow keep going. It instils the new enthusiasm in the players and often makes them better in the game. Video games are seen with major changes from the time they were first played. With newer platforms and playing features, the quality of gaming is raised every time. Fortnite Battle Royale is an online game with loading adventure and excitement. The newly introduced Arena mode is quite different and involves a different approach towards the game. The game is now even competitive along with unmatched thrill.

How to tell your friends they suck at the game?

The game now offers to bond with your friends and way to connect with them. The game holds an amazing chance of bringing people together. But it can be quite not too good if your competitors are the level as good as you. And while you are playing with your friends, it will surely get awkward when you try to say them the same. When you start caring about the rankings, so telling, your friends will be quite frustrating. The new Arena mode has created tougher competition, and even its long-time players are finding it hard to get a good rank. You also appear offline and play.

Many of the people take up the hint and are straight with their bad playing. But some of them will start blaming the whole thing over you. So the best way goes with honesty, tell them and avoid any difficulties. Or the other way is humbling starting with the game and telling them to improve their gaming skills.

You need an easier way to all of this, play offline. Once you know that you can’t play well, you can also use Fortnite cheats to improve your gameplay and avoid all the taunts and avail a better ranking in the game.